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By: Emily Pelehach, Alex Crumpton, and Mark Paradzinski


Man on a mission

"Trust me, when you stand up there on top of the world, you become so humble. It's not about breaking records anymore. It's not about getting scientific data. It's all about coming home." -Felix Baumgartner.Edit

"It was a rough couple of days and an exhausting endeavor. I am now really excited. It has always been a dream of mine. Only one more step to go!" -Felix Baumgartner, on preparation and the future jump (

As it turns out, it looks as if it really hasalways been Felix's dream...


Felix commented on this drawing he did as a kid: "I had a dream...and this was it!" (Photo Credit:

Mission Accomplished - Red Bull Stratos - World Record Freefall

Mission Accomplished - Red Bull Stratos - World Record Freefall

Felix Baumgartner's Mission Completed

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Mission to the edge of space to set a new record for the highest skydive and to break the sound barrier in the procees.

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